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Results of Canadian Wrestling Coalition presents: Bullseye @ The Abbey Centre Blackfalds, AB April 15, 2017

1) CWC CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH - Jude Dawkins def. Michael Richard Blais via Cheetahbear spear

2) #Studstable members Dean Richtor and Kato def. TS Cutler & Lumberjack Larry w/ Angelica

3) FALLS COUNT ANYWHERE MATCH - "The Journeyman" Dylon Stone def. "The Headline" Shaun Martens via modified "Jour-KNEE"

4) CANADA CUP SEMIFINAL - Chris Perish takes Andrew Hawkes spot in the Canada Cup tournament due to bribery from Col. Vince Austin and defeats Xander Price via POA (Perishute on Apron)

5) CANADA CUP SEMIFINAL - Jack Pride def Johnny Kickass via Smirking Revenge (top rope Elbow drop) and incidental interference by Chris Perish

Post match as Pride celebrates with his fans, Kickass attacks Pride with a chair and eyes up Chris Perish. Chris Perish then removes a table from under the ring and gives it to Johnny Kickass.

After powerbombing Pride through the table, and setting up a one man ConCHAIRto , Jude Dawkins makes the save and we learn we will have a TLC match on May 13 at Clash for the Cup 2:TLC