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October 31, 2016 9:49 pm by Joey Gimmick - ​We are only days removed from one of the hottest shows in Alberta this year and what a night it was!! In the opening contest we saw the electric MRB put an end to Johnny Kickass's reighn of terror when he ultimately finished him off with an impressive 450 splash!

It wasn't a great night for hometown boy TS Cutler as he was overcome by the invading MPW Stud Stable member, Chris Perish, with a little help from manager Col. Vince Austin.

in the third contest of the night we saw Tag Partners Dylon Stone and Shaun Martens tear into each other in an all out brawl. It appeared that Stone was about to finish Martens off with the BLOOD DIAMOND DDT when the Stud Stable hit the ring and caused the match up to end in a no contest, what will this mean for next months show in Sylvan Lake, will SNM have put there issues behind them?

Jack Pride made his presence known despite being fired last month when he jumped the barricade and hit his signature Swallow Pride (Codebreaker) on the "MS Monster" prior to being chased out of the arena by security."Primetime" Xander Price then proceeded to electrify the crowd like only he can when he proceeded to #dropanelbowonms leaving everyone with a smile, everyone except Heavy Metal, who came to the ring and let his feelings be known which lead to a match between Price and Metal which ended up with  Metal defeating Price with a devastating SpineBuster, however, not feeling satisfied with his victory,  Metal attacked Price in the aisle way giving him a one way ticket to Brainbuster County, dropping a brainbuster on Price on the exposed floor!!

In the Main event of the evening, we saw a barnburner of a Match which saw CWC Champion defend his title against the Stud Stable's Dean Richtor. Richtor proved to be a worthy opponent for the Cheetahbear, but was ultimately defeated when he fell to the Abbey Road Crossing, and Jude Dawkins emerged victorious.

This leaves all sorts of questions about what's going to happen when CWC returns to Sylvan Lake on November, 26 2016 but one thing is certain, your not gonna wanna miss it!