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July 1, 2016 - 11:38am by Joey Gimmick - We here at have just received a note from CWC COO Mr. Featherstone that he wished for us to share with all of you, the loyal CWC fanbase.

"Had a great meeting with The MS Society of Canada - Central Alberta Chapter. The Canadian Wrestling Coalition is joining  teamfight# to #DropAnElbowOnMS   The MS Society will be joining us at “Primal Instinct” Aug 6 2016, at the Abbey Centre in Blackfalds; and also for the Foreseeable future.   Multiple Sclerosis is a tragic and debilitating disease, and although Canada leads the world in MS research, we are also the country most afflicted by it. With more cases of MS in Canada than any other place in the world, The MS Society and the Canadian Wrestling Coalition ask for your help in finding a cure to help our brother,sisters, mothers, fathers, sons and daughters here at home.

Join us for a night of Pro Wrestling and support for MS affected families at “Primal Instinct” Aug 6th and also Join the CWC as we will also be on hand to volunteer at many of the MS Societies events.  Help us #DropAnElbowOnMS and check out for more information in your area

Tickets available at"