The CWC Board of Directors and Commissioner Bob Gordon are the authorities in the Canadian Wrestling Coalition, and only they can create and abolish rules. No one else can change or modify the set rules. There is a strict policy for following the rules in Ring of Honor. Our referees are highly trained and will not tolerate deliberate rule violations.

Rule Violations

-Groin attacks
-Hair pulling
-Eye gouging
-Grabbing tights or articles of clothing
-Holding the ropes
-Foreign objects
-Outside interference
-Threatening a referee verbally or physically


Contest Decisions

-Pinfall - When both the opponents shoulders are pinned to the canvas for a count of 3; can be broken is interrupted, shoulder is lifted off the mat, or part of either wrestlers body leaves the legal contest area (touching/ below the rope)

-Submission - When one wrestler causes the other to give up, generally due to a painful hold. Submission hold must be released by the referees count of 5 if either competitor leaves the legal contest area (touching/below the rope)

-Technical Knockout: Referee stopping the match.
-Countout: There is a 10 second count when a wrestler is outside of the ring.
-No Contest


All CWC Match's will be contested under a 20 minute time limit, with the exception of CWC Championship bouts and The Canada Cup Final, which will be contested under a 60 minute time limit.

All "Specialty matches" ( ie: Ladder Match, Lumberjack match, Cage Match etc....) will be contested under no time limit

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